Why do you love Starlight?

 From Starlight Students:

“Dear Cyn, This being my fourth year of Starlight I can stop and think about how great a director you are.  I love how you always pay attention and answer our questions no matter how rushed you are.  I love when you always have everything planned out and always are there for us.”

“I would never have even considered acting if i hadn’t started starlight. I LOVE STARLIGHT!

“Starlight does rock! Starlight is where I got my first start into the theatre world, starlight has made me grow as a person. Starlight is a great start for everyone who is interested in theatre. This theatre group also is a family, I love starlight and I love the people there. Starlight is fantastic :)”

 “I love Starlight more than you can imagine.  Starlight means the world to me, and I look forward to rehearsals on Saturdays.  The people are practically my family, and everybody is incredibly talented.”
” I love starlight, because it gives you a place to be yourself and to improve as both an actor or actrice, but even more to be a part of such a wonderful community and collaboration, where everyone pitches in a bit to make this magic appear.”

From Starlight Parents:

“Thanks for giving all the kids a chance to shine and explore their talents.   I have spent more than 30 years on show business, writing comedy for television in Los Angeles” and I have never encountered a really nice youth program like yours.   Nice job on keeping it all fun for the kids… :)” –Brian S.

“Hi, My daughter  was in the Seussical Jr play and loved the summer camp. We can’t do the fall signup because of other commitments, but we would like to definitely sign her up for the one that starts in Jan and runs through March towards a performance of “Annie”. ….She is 100% sure she would like to be a part of the team that is doing “Annie” then.” Thank you.

“We just want to thank you again for creating such a wonderful experience for Eden!  The show itself was outstanding – we cannot believe how you pull that together in such a short period of time! But for our family, even more impressive than the enjoyable product, is the process you use and the environment you create for these children.  Once again, Eden had a fantastic time – we feel so lucky to have found Starlight.”

“You all made the experience such an amazing one for every member of that cast and all those in the auditorium: now we easily see where Starlights gets its repute. What a moving show, how well-done, how warm the feeling within the ensemble!”  –E and S, parents

“My son worked with Cyn for years and we love her! I have a friend who has an inspiring little actor and wanted to forward your audition information on to them. My son is 21 and is studying theatre at Emerson in Boston and a lot of credit goes to Cyn for all she does with the kids!”

“……….just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to the director, Cyn.  My daughter just thought you were amazing.  She respects and admires you, and I cannot thank you enough.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy.  Okay, maybe when we took her to Disney World, and a few other family trips, but seriously, she had an absolutely wonderful time.
And thank you, to the rest of your wonderful crew!!!!!!!!!!!! My apologies, I don’t know all the names, but THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!”

What I love about Starlight is how patient Cyn is. She really takes the time to listen to the kids and their questions, concerns, and ideas. She gets them thinking, and through the process helps them to grow and showcase their talents. I love that the kids care about each other and support and encourage each other.

From Starlight Alumns:

“As a young child, the warm and supportive atmosphere of Starlight allowed me to explore myself and the world around me through a wholly new and intensely creative outlet. Because of that solid foundation of wonder, delight and storytelling, Starlight made me the person I am today. I fervently believe that if it were not for this company, I would have never had the eye-opening and transformative introduction to theatre which changed my life. Because of Starlight, I am now an artist.”

“Starlight has been one of the best experiences of my life for many reasons. The other day I beat out more than 200 of my classmates to join the 16 people accepted onto mock trial and I realized Starlight gave me an edge. A few days before I had to do an oral argument for class. My oral argument for class was, shall we say dreadful. My nerves were obvious and I talked way too fast. So when I decided to audition for Mock Trial I approached it differently. I rehearsed my oral argument like a monologue and made up a character I called “Abigail Holmes Esq.” She walked with her shoulders back, gave a cheeky smile when asking a rhetorical question and knew how to get and emotional response from a jury. I walked into the Mock Trial try-outs exactly like it was an audition for a play too. I left my bag next to the door (something Jen taught me), I wore a red dress shirt under my suit (you taught me red made auditioners remember you), I smiled but I was obviously nervous. I took a deep breath and began. However, as soon as I started talking the whole room looked surprised. In that moment I had turned off my nerves and became the character. I delivered my legal arguments flawlessly; so flawless that I was never interrupted with a question. And when I forgot what I was supposed to say next I was able to improvise until I could find my place on the page again. So when I opened my email on Monday morning to find that I had made the mock trial team I was elated. I want to be a civil litigator so membership on the team will be a great advantage when I look for jobs. However, I could not have done it with out acting and audition coaching from Starlight, so thank you.”