April 22, 2023

Amherst Middle School

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to direct with these amazing kids. They have all worked so hard, learned their lines and songs and hopefully had some fun making new friends. Thank you, parents, for all your support. It’s clear that your child is filled with love which opens the world for them. They have taken on this challenging music with ambition and determination. They also took on the emotions of the play so that they could tell this story. So, relax and enjoy the pure love these kids are sharing as they present, Matilda the Musical.
Much Love, Cyn

BLUE CAST – 11:00

Matilda Ezra Mangones
Miss Honey Talia Kates
Agatha Trunchbull Eli Rachelle
Mr. Wormwood Declan Prindle
Mrs. Wormwood Bailey Millay
Mrs. Phelps Ali Larke
Escapologist Clayton Cummings
Acrobat Alannah Higgins
Eric Samuel Trafford
Amanda Olivia Bodzinski
Bruce Eliot Platt
Hortensia Clara Tyler
Alice Maddie Offner
Tommy William Croteau
Lavender Mira Kievel
Nigel Nam Nguyen
Sky Sky Cuomo
Cecily Cecily Austin
Isabell Isabelle Milligan
Ruby Giang Nguyen

Younger Kids/Students Blue Cast

Mike Sebastian Bauer

Bluebell Olivia Correia

Daryl Daryl Strycharz

Lily Lily Cummings

Ben Benjamin Marchl

Evelyn Annika Prindle

Beatrice Esmé Cooper

Lula Lula Miller

Amanda Atley Rice

Islan Charlotte Kates

Nigel Eamon Karney

Rosie Logan Fitzpatrick

Lillian Lily Schmitt

Sophia Sophia Marino

Lyra Lyra Arch Donaldson

Amanda Fianna Rappaport

RED CAST – 2:00

Matilda Lyra Baird Sears
Miss Honey Elliana DiNardo
Agatha Trunchbull Bridget DiVenuto
Mr. Wormwood Judah Busacker
Mrs. Wormwood Estelle Sabetti
Mrs. Phelps Audi Lopez
Escapologist Eleanore Messmer
Acrobat Olivia Moore
Eric Tom Sullivan
Amanda Opal McCatterton
Bruce Eli Rachelle
Hortensia Jordyn Thompson-Dolan
Alice Meagan Sullivan
Tommy Jensen Vight
Lavender Ella Smith
Nigel Julian Acevedo
Ava Ava Hall
Samantha Samantha Calvanese
Emily Emily Calavanese
Riley Riley Hogan

Younger Kids/Students Red Cast

Ella Ella Steininger
Collette Collette Carona
Jas Jasmine Vight
Cameron Evelyn DiNardo
Arie Arianna Benjamin
Whinie Juniper Gieske
Aria Ari Falade
Emily Hannah Cui
Amy Julia Harris
Mirentan Maio Obregon
Caroline Serafina DiNardo
Rosie Sienna DiNardo
Oise Rosalee Briggs
Nuka Sylvie Hulton
Maricle Mabel Enman


Director – Cyn Strycharz
Choral Director – Michelle Prindle
Producers – Clare Bertrand & Stephanie Baird
Stage Manager – Rory DiVenuto
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Cormier
Assistant Directors – Sarah Cormier, Malie Geery, Emma Yee, Ashley Scott
Choreographer – Eden Kates
Technical Director – Paul Stallman
Sound – Dan Prindle
Lights – Olana Flynn
Accompanist – Elisabeth Webber
Costumes – Stephanie Joyce, Hailey Niles, Caprial DiBartolomeo, Cast
Props – Caprial DiBartolomeo, Ruby Ferrari
Crew – Sylvie DiBartolomeo, Marissa Bucs, Caprial DiBartolomeo, Hailey Niles, Ruby Ferrari, Malie Geery, Emma Yee, Eden Kates
Tech Helpers – Sylvie DiBartolobeo, Dorian Almeida
Class Helpers – Ashley Scott, Craig Hrones, Sylvie DiBartolomeo, Marissa Bucs, Caprial DiBartolomeo, Hailey Niles, Ruby Ferrari, Malie Geery, Emma Yee, Eden Kates
Set Design – Junior Advisory Committee: Sophie Katona, Talia Kates, Teagan Fraser, Ellis Durrant-West, Bailey Millay, Cast
Set Construction/Painting – Tom Daughton, Cast

Program – Pam Plumer, Paul Stallman
Publicity – Julie O’Leary, Molly Millay, Sue Niles
Lobby Support – Sharon Carlson
Volunteer Coordinator – Jennifer Champagne

Assorted Cast Photos